Are You The Next Doctor?


Do you excel at math and science and have a passion for caring for others? Have you dreamed of becoming a doctor, but it feels like an insurmountable goal?

What is It?

Decision Medicine is a 2-week program that introduces students to the field of medicine through personal mentoring opportunities and site visits with behind-the-scenes access to many diverse clinical settings including several regional hospitals, surgery centers and community clinics. DM was created by the San Joaquin Medical Society to encourage high achieving, underprivileged and under-represented students, who would not otherwise have these opportunities, to consider a career in medicine and eventually come back to serve our community.

During the program, students will be exposed to a day in the life of a physician by through various activities such as doing rounding with Residents at San Joaquin General Hospital, getting CPR certified at St. Joseph’s Medical Center and typing their own blood at Dameron Hospital.  They will visit Gleason House and St. Mary’s Dining Hall to teach them about the outreach to the homeless that is taking place in our county.  Each student also receives a one-on-one mentoring opportunity with a local member physician in their practice. 

Where is It?

Decision Medicine will take place in Stockton at various locations, including local hospitals, various clinics and physician offices learning firsthand what it takes to become a physician.

The main drop-off and pick-up location will be the San Joaquin Medical Society, located at 3031 W. March Lane, Suite 222W, Stockton, CA 95219. These locations may vary, but parents and students will be informed about the changes at the orientation on July 10, 2024.